A rose amongst thorns

Yesterday I had an extraordinary coaching session with an extraordinary teenage girl. This young lady’s ability to interpret and articulate the relationship dynamics of the people around her, along with their underlying intentions, is unparalleled. She is, in many respects, a Master at the Art of Relationship.

Yet again, I’m sorry to say that this teenager’s genius is not recognised by the school system. On the contrary, she is made to feel like a failure on a daily basis due to her lack of “academic” ability.

When are we going to wake up and smell the roses?

This girl is a beautiful rose… surrounded by a thousand thorns. She is conscious. She is awake. She sees the truth. More importantly, she speaks the truth. She has been designed to facilitate the creation of Conscious Community, not to memorise irrelevant information for regurgitation on pointless test papers. She – along with thousands of children just like her – is the key to a happier and more harmonious world for us all.

Like me, this girl is under pressure from those around her to stop speaking her truth so openly and courageously. The message from her (unconscious) environment is that popularity (as defined by the number of friends who “like” her) determines her self-worth.

I feel blessed and honoured to have witnessed the smile that lit up her face when this socially conditioned belief (i.e. popularity equates to self-worth) finally lost its hold over her and she came to the realisation that there was nothing “wrong” with her after all. She now KNOWS that she is a unique and magnificent source of light in an otherwise dark and confused world.

I will continue to champion these conscious children until my dying day. We could all learn a thing or two by acknowledging their example and following their lead.