The ROOTS Project

ROOTS is a nature based creative learning space for young people.

We create opportunities for a playful, meaningful connection to nature through a combination of games, stories, exploration, informal conversation and laughter.

We are based at the Clophill Centre in Bedfordshire, 14 acres of organic meadow, woodland, community garden and orchard maintained using permaculture methods.

Activities include circle time, observation and awareness games, building shelters and fires, tracking and mapping, bird and plant identification.


Dear Parents

Dear Parents,

Your children are your ultimate mirrors. Anything that you perceive as a “problem” in your child is actually inside of you. If the energy weren’t inside of you, then there would be no emotional reaction to the external stimulus provided by the child. In reality, there is no problem. The “problem” is nothing more than a label that you have assigned to a neutral situation. Since you created the problem out of the situation, it is your responsibility to deal with it.

Do not misunderstand me here: I am NOT saying that you are to “blame” for your child’s behaviour. Blame is futile. Blame is destructive. Blame is disempowering. You are not to blame. Your child is not to blame. No one is to blame. The situation is always a co-creation between you and your child. The situation is what it is.

However, you are 100% responsible for your (energetic) CONTRIBUTION to the interaction between you and your child. You are not responsible for your child’s behaviour. You cannot change your child. You cannot change anyone outside of you. All you can do is “own” your part in the co-creation. Your power lies in your response. You always have the ability to choose your response. Choosing to respond by viewing the situation as a “problem” is a sign of internal confusion. If you are not responsible for this confusion, who is? If you are not response-able for your perception of the situation as a “problem”, where is your power to do anything about it?

Be grateful to your children for behaving in ways that provoke internal discomfort within you. They are doing you a favour. They are drawing to your conscious attention unresolved confusion within your psyche. The mistake is to make this discomfort “wrong” or to label it as a “problem”. No, it is an OPPORTUNITY for personal growth and evolution. The emotions attached to the discomfort are there for a reason. They represent confused aspects of your own psyche that are seeking clarification regarding the Truth. They have come to the surface to be seen, acknowledged, witnessed. They are seeking your acceptance, not your disapproval. They are seeking your love, not your judgement. Once they have been “seen”, they start to dissolve. Darkness (confusion) is nothing more than the absence of light (Truth). Once you shine the light of your conscious awareness upon the darkness, it ceases to be darkness! Once these confused aspects of your psyche have been “seen” and welcomed home to love, your children will stop presenting you with opportunities to deal with them. If the confused energy is no longer inside of you, there is no need to see it reflected in your children.

I call this the “REFLECTION & RESPONSE APPROACH” to emotional mastery, personal freedom and harmonious family living. I specialise in supporting and coaching parents and their children in “owning” their respective contributions to the situations that they are co-creating. Having cleaned up most of the confusion lurking in the shadows of my own unconscious being (or what Eckhart Tolle calls “the painbody”), this is my contribution to the creation of a more peaceful and harmonious planet. Please do not hesitate to reach out if my words resonate and you feel your family could benefit from my assistance. I am here to serve you.

All my love,

The Silent Life Coach

Dear Kids

Dear Kids,

Adults will try to convince you that you need to work hard in school to get good grades. You need the grades to get the qualifications, they will tell you. You need the qualifications to get a job. You need the job to earn money. You need the money to pay the bills. So what they’re telling you – indirectly – is that the purpose of life is to pay the bills. That’s a pretty depressing premise upon which to base a life, isn’t it?

You are being lied to. You are being deceived. You are being conned. The truth is, to thrive in this world you need two things: PASSION and PERSEVERANCE. Both are already inside of you. You do not ‘need’ qualifications. You do not ‘need’ a job. You do not ‘need’ money. All of these perceived needs come from FEAR. The reason adults tell you that you need these things is because they grew up in a world that taught them to be afraid. Forgive them, for they know not what they do. Their deceit is unconscious.

The truth is, the universe is your friend. The universe has your back. The universe wants you to succeed. The key to a happy life is to demonstrate perseverance in the pursuit of your personal passion(s).

Most adults are doing jobs they hate. Very few adults are connected with their true, authentic selves. Very few adults are leading lives of joy, passion and excitement. And that is because they are trapped inside the Box of Fear. They were conditioned into this box as children. As a result, they are holding false beliefs about ‘the way it is’.

As an adult who has broken out of the Box of Fear, I’m here to ask you some important questions:

What are you PASSIONATE about?

What do you LOVE doing?

What would you love to CREATE?

Your answers to these questions are the answers to your reason for being. You did not come here to make money to pay the bills. You came here to PLAY. Play is the route to connecting with your PASSION. At the root of your passion lies your PURPOSE. If you are not pursuing your passion, then you are not aligned with your purpose and have no way of fulfilling your POTENTIAL.

There is something that you can do better than anyone else on the entire planet. Do you know what that is? BEING YOURSELF. In your uniqueness lies your true beauty. In your uniqueness lies your most important contribution to the world. There is, never has been and never will be another you. You are a Gift of Creation to Creation.

How to be yourself? Pursue your PASSION. Education is the pursuit of passion. Passion is all that matters.

The purpose of education (and life) is to BE YOURSELF.

All my love,