LISTEN to the children!

More and more children in school are mentally, emotionally and spiritually elsewhere, even if their bodies are physically present. Education speaker Marc Prensky likens this to Federal Express. As he says – and I quote – “you can have the best delivery system in the world, but if no one is home to receive the package, it doesn’t much matter.”

There is an obvious mismatch between what children want and what the school system delivers.

So what do children want? I’ve been listening to kids and teens for the past ten years. So I will tell you what they tell me they want……

They want freedom to learn where, when and with whom they choose.

They want to ask and answer their own questions.

They want to collaborate in solving real world problems.

They want to be out and about, contributing to their local communities.

They want to be viewed as proactive learners and co-creative innovators (as opposed to passive recipients and dependent consumers).

Anyone else see an unprecedented entrepreneurial opportunity here?