My educational philosophy

Here is a summary of my educational philosophy, born out of seven painful years as a mainstream school maths teacher and five years as a freelance confidence coach:

EVERY child is a UNIQUE individual with UNLIMITED creative potential. I have yet to meet a single child who wasn’t a genius in disguise. Likewise, I have yet to meet a single child “gone astray” who wasn’t fighting against some perceived threat to his ability to make his own choices and exercise the freedom that is his birthright. Children can be trusted; a child’s inner teacher is infinitely more reliable than that of any exterior source of guidance/authority – be that teacher, parent, doctor or scientist.

My role as a teacher is to hold a space of unconditional acceptance within which children are free to be themselves. All people labels (ADD, dyslexia, dyspraxia, G&T, etc) are harmful and unnecessary. My role is to nourish and nurture the seed of potential that is growing within the child. Just as the trees grow without anyone teaching them how, so too can a child’s education (life) unfold naturally without the need for formal instruction. By far the biggest threat to a child’s ability to express the fullness of his/her being is the well-meaning but unnecessary intrusion and interference of misguided adults who are not aligned with their own natural state of well being (and therefore not in a position to cultivate this within the children in their care). Children don’t have to be educated with a prescribed curriculum; they can be eduspired instead (inspired to educate themselves). A child who is free to follow his own interests and passions will naturally and effortlessly pick up “the basics” that everyone within the prevailing education system is so concerned about – because he wants to learn and succeed in the game of life.

The greatest gift I can offer a child is to demonstrate – through the clarity of my own personal example – my willingness to trust myself and to be responsible for my own happiness (so that it is not in any way dependent on the behaviour of the child before me). The purpose of education (life) is to be yourself, regardless of the opinions and expectations of others. No child who is consistently aligned with their true self (which is always loving and approving) could ever cause harm to another.

Children are the people in whose hands our hope for the future lies. I am here to free them from the chains of their social conditioning; to listen, to honour and to follow their lead. No matter how “broken” a child may appear, the child is never the problem; it is the people viewing the child with eyes of judgement rather than unconditional love who have the problem. Change the way you look at children and the children you look at change.