Creating within the New Reality

Originally published December 2010:

I can no longer suppress the passion that is bursting forth from within. I am here on this planet, at this time, to create something different for future generations. This is my sacred mission, my divine purpose, my reason for being. I can hide from this truth no longer. People tell me I am “ahead of my time”, but how can this be so? I am here NOW! People tell me my ideas about children, education and life are “ahead of their time”, and that I must make more of an effort to live in the world as it currently exists. But I cannot, for to do so would be to betray my truth. I am not here to observe What Is and to blindly accept that as my reality. I am a creator. I am here to create the future of my choosing.

In recent months I have been experiencing an inexplicable yet undeniable feeling that I am somehow ‘from the future’. There is an overwhelming sense that I have already been there, or that I am already living in the future on some other dimension or plane of existence. It is as if I am preparing to create a radically different physical reality for myself — one that my future self is already enjoying. I know that this future version of reality already exists because my visions of it are so very clear.

Time is, of course, an illusion of the mind. Every seemingly separate moment of time is, in Absolute Reality, the very same moment viewed from a different vantage point. People talk of “remembering past lives”, but it would be more accurate to say there are “tuning in to concurrent lifetimes” . Every experience — regardless of dimension, density or reality — occurs simultaneously. Just as there is really only One Truth (with an infinite number of perspectives from which to view it), so too is there only One Moment — an eternal moment around which the dance of life is choreographed.  It is therefore not so so surprising that I should be experiencing such a clear sense of my future self and the physical reality that surrounds him; time aside, we are one and the same.

This sensation of being out of, or ahead of, time could be likened to walking around a museum. I am surrounded by so many strange and confusing artefacts in a museum dedicated to old and obsolete beliefs about life. I don’t understand how to fit into this strange world because it is so alien to me. This is not where I belong any more. I have moved on, to a brighter and happier place. Accepting this museum as my reality is just too painful. It is so dark, the energies so dense, and everyone around me is so afraid. I want no further part in it, for I no longer wish to live in fear. It makes no sense to conform to this lie for one second longer. It is time to break out of my chrysalis and to emerge as the beautiful butterfly I always dreamed I could become. It is time for me to let go of the Old Reality and to fully embrace the New Reality. This is my home now.

People talk to me about the need for a “bridge” between the Old Reality (Earth v1) and the New Reality (Earth v2). I’m not interested in building bridges. This is not my purpose. Other souls have no doubt incarnated for this purpose, but not me. No, I made a different choice. I am a visionary. I am here to create within the New Reality. I’m already in Earth v2, but it looks the same as the old one at the moment — because its creation was achieved by holding an “overlay” of Earth v1 in the consciousness of all those partaking in its creation (we had to start from somewhere).

Many people have a hard time ‘buying in’ to my visions of the future of education. This is because I am talking about an entirely new culture, an entirely new way of living and being on Planet Earth. They simply cannot imagine a world in which children are trusted to take 100% responsibility for their own learning, their own choices and their own lives. They cannot imagine a paradigm of education free of trained teachers, compulsory formal instruction, standardised curricula and examinations. They cannot imagine a world in which people naturally gravitate toward activities that allow their innate passions and abilities to be cultivated and honed, and in which creative potential is never wasted on trivial and meaningless concerns such as making money, paying the bills or fitting in with the expectations of others. They cannot imagine peaceful eco-communities in which humans live in harmony with nature and each other. They cannot imagine any of these things because they have only ever known the Old Reality. They only believe what they can see with their physical eyes, and so all they see is the Old Reality. But the New Reality is here and it is real. Its energies are much lighter, much faster. And it is ready and waiting to support the collective creative efforts of those awake enough to perceive it.

Likewise, I have no interest whatsoever in ‘fixing’ the Old Reality. I want nothing to do with it. It is obsolete. I am not here to save Earth v1. It doesn’t need saving anyway. Nobody needs saving. I am here to remember who I am and to create my life and my reality according to my desires. I am not here to change the education system. I am not here to demand that others agree with my views on education. I have no desire to engage in arguments and debates about childrearing, parenting or education. I can’t be bothered with it. I am not here for that. In any case there is nothing to debate. Nothing. The Truth is the Truth is the Truth. And the door to the Truth is always open. One need only open one’s eyes and walk through. It’s just that most people have chosen to keep their eyes firmly closed. Each to their own. I am not responsible for those who choose to cling to the Old Reality. People will only ever see what they believe, for believing is seeing. I just want to create. A new paradigm. A new culture. A new way of life.

So where are you, my dear co-creator friends? Signing up for the mission is all well and good, but the important part is to show up when called. There is nothing to be afraid of. Remember, this is about being true to ourselves. Is that not the purpose of life? To be true to ourselves to the best of our ability? So, come on! Let’s get together. Let’s get excited. Let’s talk. Let’s explore. Let’s play. Let’s sing. Let’s dance. Let’s be childish. And let’s enjoy the process of creating our dreams within the New Reality. It is time to step out of the shadows and to embrace our roles as Conscious Co-creators of the Universe!  Consider this your trumpet call to action. Consider this your permission slip. I look forward to connecting with you….


A message to parents

Governments and local authorities appear, on the surface, to hold all the power where education is concerned. But this is simply not the case. In truth, the power lies within each parent. There is no other being in the entire Universe with as much power to affect a child’s destiny than the child’s parent.

If you are a parent you have the awesome responsibility of ensuring that your child’s inner light is not extinguished. I urge you not to hide behind fears and excuses.  If you are dissatisfied with the prevailing school system then it is up to you to do something about it!

“But what can I do?” you may ask. Explore the alternatives with your child and then make a different choice. You have the power within you to manifest any future you desire. The best environment for a sensitive child is the home, extended family environment, or a school that has succeeded in recreating this.

During the next 10-15 years, many, many more small, independent alternative schools will be appearing up and down this country. Who do you think is going to create these schools? It won’t be the self-serving politicians. It won’t be the institutionalised servants of the status quo (i.e. professional teachers, social workers, educational psychologists, university professors, etc.), for they are far too heavily invested in and reliant upon the system to bring about the required changes. Teachers actually present the greatest barrier to change! Does this surprise you? Consider the following excerpt from Vladimir Megre’s book, ‘The Space of Love’:

“What would become, tell me, of the whole raft of academic titles and degrees, the countless dissertations on the subject of child-raising? What would become of our research institutes? After all, they’ve worked out a whole system. The machinery has been set in motion, and its flywheel can’t be stopped with the wave of a wand. Anyone who has defended a doctoral thesis, especially one who has achieved professional rank, is going to stick as hard as he can to his own views.” *

And so I ask ask again: who do you think is going to create the educational environments of the future?

You are! Parents hold the key to transformation of the educational landscape. It is up to you to provide suitable learning environments for your children. Stop handing over your children to others to raise! Not only is this depriving you of your own children, it is also depriving your children of their own magnificence! Connect instead with like-minded families and create the small schools of the future. Create unique environments in which children are free to follow their own learning paths, free to exercise their imaginations, and empowered to be their glorious true selves.

* from p.184 of The Space of Love, Book 3 in ‘The Ringing Cedars Series’ by Vladimir Megre